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    I have worked at a Skill Nursing Facility for 9 months. This is my second job as an RN. Working at SNF, all my work performance evaluation has been good, except I have one times of written report for giving a wrong narcotic, a Percocet 5/325 instead of a Norco 5/325. That was my first written-up since I started.
    Today, I had a call from HR to meet with my DON, the Admistrative, and Director of HR. This was regarding a complain from a resident’s son regarding me giving wrong medications to his mother. According to the information provided from HR, the letter said that I have given 5 times wrong medications. The resident’s current conditions are very good. She has history of high BP. BP has been stable. She is alert, oriented and verbally responsive.

    The fact was that on my shift two weeks ago, I prepared Lorsatan 25 mg for the resident. The son acknowledged me that the Lorsatan dosage was increased to 50 mg. When I checked the order, it was actually 50 mg. Thus, I switched the 25mg pill to Lorsatan 50 mg and gave the right dosage at last. If he wasn’t there, I could have given the resident Losartan 25 mg instead of Losartan 50 mg. This could have become a medication dosage error. I admitted my negligence in this case. But no wrong dosage was done at last. According to my knowledge, I have not made any medications error to the patient at this point.

    The son has also been very particular with how all medications and eye drops for his mom are delivered by nurses. Since admission, he has wanted to show each nurse that is responsible for his mother at shift how to perform medication administrations the way he wants.

    Six months ago, my 4 month-old son passed away in his sleep. It was a tremendous emotion shock that I ever had in my life. However, in the past six months, I have tried to maintain my professionalism at work and have received no complains. No written-ups either. I would not deny the fact that sometimes I failed to cover my emotions at work, but it hasn’t been an obstruction my work load or care for my patients. Instead, helping and caring for people make me feel that I’m doing good work for this world. And my son would see this and be proud of me as an angel in heaven.

    Back to today’s meeting with my DON, the Administrative, and Director of HR, they addressed the written complain from the son and their worries about me and my personal loss that could affect my work performance. They decided to took my schedule off until March 29. They will gather information and make a decision on the matter by this Thursday.

    My questions are 1. If I am terminated in this situation based on the complain and my personal loss, would this be considered as a wrongful termination?
    2. If I am suspended, how would I approach the matter?
    3. What are other possibilities can happen to me in this situation? How should I resolve this matter in a nice and kind way?

    I truly hope to hear from you and your hearty advice.

    Thank you for your help.


    I’ve made the same mistake with Norco/Percocet my facility at the time had the policy of no punishment for self reporting and the patient was fine. If you are on a paper charting system someone messed up by not entering the Losartan new dosage, they should be written up.

    Your bosses are are bunch of heartless jerks if they fire you over personal loss. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I would check with a employment attorney in your state. Unless it has effected your work and they have documented errors (more than one PIA family member who is likely taking his guilt out on you and the rest of the nurses) and attendance issues. Then you should be fine. Most facilities are aware of family’s behavior and should stand up for their nurses. Regardless of their decision I would start looking for a new job, doesn’t sound like a good environment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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