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    I had been caring for a post surgical pt on my unit…
    The order came to remove the Foley. I entered the room and explained to the pt what I would be doing and began to prep my area….
    His steadfast wife asked “should I leave the room?”
    I explained it was minimally invasive and double checked “you are His spouse right?”
    She replied “yes of course.” I told her what I’d be doing And That It Wouldn’t Be Anything She Hadn’t Seen Before. ..The pt spoke up as I explained…
    “YEAH; Well you should have seen it in its hay day!” (Referring of course to his package) Without skipping a beat the wife spoke up…”.I can attest to that!” I couldn’t help but giggle to that one.
    To this day every time I deal with a foley…I think of them.

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