Being the “Old School Nurse” in modern times

Stories - Nurse HatI’ve have had so many nurses tell me that I should have been a nurse in a whole other era.

As a child I dreamt of wearing the white dress and the white tights and the white shoes and the shiny nursing pin on the lapel of my dress.

I dreamt of the things I would teach people, the changes I would have the chance to help people make in their lives, and the opportunities I would have to be a part of the best and worst moments of people’s lives.

As far as I was concerned, Nursing was it for me. For Life. And I worked for it.

The first day I wore the white dress, tights, and shoes I looked at myself in the mirror with such hope for the future.

I vowed to myself I was going to use every bit of what I learned at Northern Arizona University.

I was going to apply the theory, evaluate my own outcomes, look for new trends and maybe develop new theories and studies…..I wanted to do it all.

To me, Nursing was an endless horizon of possibilities and light…and even on the traumatic days of losing a patient there was still some light to be found as a reminder of why I was there, in this profession, doing what I was doing.

I was made fun of by my peers for doing 30 minute one to one teachings about heart failure or heart failure medications instead of just leaving the packet or showing the patient the movie.

I was teased about my thing for “drawing my teaching material” on a big tablet of paper to help patients to understand their disease and why their medications were important and where they were working at.

I was always told “why cant you just do it the way everyone else does.”


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