Co-Worker Appreciation

TurkeycardThanks be to the giving nature of nurses for their tireless dedication, unending compassion, and commitment to the betterment of humanity.

Soon, it will be Thanksgiving. On Thursday, we will – unlike most – work.

We won’t like it, but we’ll do it anyway; when most of our contemporaries are lucky enough to sit down with their family and friends, we’ll be busy drawing up insulin and emptying bedpans.

While our loved ones enjoy pumpkin pie and all of the the other holiday trimmings, we may be just lucky enough to steal a cold soda and a candy bar from the downstairs vending machine.

And we’ll do it with little complaint because we’re nurses, a special breed of human being that puts others’ needs ahead of our own, who operate by a personal code that teaches us that we become better individuals through the service we provide in our careers.

But, we don’t say thank you to one another enough, don’t appreciate the great sacrifices we make each day in the name of the job.

We may pass one another in the hallways, make small conversation with one another at the computer as we chart, may even share a laugh as we pack up our things for the day. None of these gestures, however, means quite as much as a simple heartfelt thank you shared between two nurses who know the ins and outs of what the job requires.

Because, at the end of the day, we are thankful for one another. Our coworkers help us share in this great endeavor we call nursing each day, working next to us to move medication and ease suffering.

As we come upon the Thanksgiving holiday, let us remember to appreciate those we work with everyday.

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