Computer or Patient?

I am getting ready to retire but I will always miss my patient contact.

I started as a Candy Striper after my mother died of cancer when I was fifteen.

I then proceeded to be a nurse and and always knew I wanted to be a nurse to give patients and families the respect they deserved.

When my mother died, my younger brother and sister were not allowed in the hospital and the idea was to just close the door and give them medication.

Now things are different and if I can’t help the patient anymore I try to help the family cope and be there for them if they have questions or are in need of anything.

Sometimes I think things have shifted from the patient to the computer these days.

I will stay late to chart on the computer if it means making a difference to the patient or family!

I will never regret my choice in a career and wish I could stay longer but I just can’t!

Bless everyone who can be in this profession and truly care!

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