Why should I create an account?

Creating an account allows you to quickly come to the site and easily search for jobs, get new job notifications, start applications steps and apply for jobs.

Do I need to work for an agency to apply for these jobs?

Yes, you do need to be working with an agency to apply for these jobs. Agencies can help cover your work insurance and some even offer health insurance benefits for you.

Is Mighty Nurse an agency?

While we are not a staffing agency, we do work closely with staffing agencies, hospitals and home health agencies to get the jobs.

How do I find and select an agency?

As soon as you register with Mighty Nurse we will contact you and start the onboarding steps. Once the onboarding is complete, Mighty Nurse will refer you to a participating agency partner in your region. You can see some of our partners here. Contact us at support@mightynurse.com if you want to get started right away or if you have any questions.

How long does it take to complete onboarding?

Onboarding can be completed within a few days if you have your documents available. We’ll walk you through the onboarding steps. Call us at 1-866-396-7397 to get started.

Can I apply for two or more nursing jobs that start at the same time in case one of my jobs is cancelled?

Yes, you can apply for as many jobs during the same period of time as you want. Mighty Nurse will send you messages for any jobs you are accepted into. However, once you have been hired, you will not be allowed to apply for jobs during the same time.

How will I know if a nursing job I am hired for is cancelled?

Mighty Nurse will always notify you by email and or text message if a shift is cancelled. You can manage your notifications here.

I want a fulltime job, can Mighty Nurse help me with that?

Yes, many nurses use contigent staffing to find the right place to work. Sometimes per diem and contract work will lead to full time offers if the fit is right and the job opens as a permanent position. Working with different facilities also allows you to make contacts and get the inside scoop on working there.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Check our help page for more information or email us at support@mightynurse.com.

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