Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts FAQs (6)

What are the benefits to having a Mighty Nurse account?

An account lets you participate in the Mighty Nurse community. You can:

  • Create your own profile page with your status updates, comments, posts and more.
  • Comment on articles
  • Create and answer Ask a Nurse questions
  • Send friend requests and build your own personal community of connected nurses just like you.
  • See what other nurses are saying in the activity feed
  • And more to come!

I get Mighty Nurse updates on Facebook. Why should I create an account?

Facebook only represents a small portion of the Mighty Nurse community. To realize the full benefits, an account is necessary. Furthermore, Facebook purposely limits the number of posts you see and will show you as little as 7% of what we post. With a Mighty Nurse account, you won’t miss contests, stories and other weekly features.

I created a Mighty Nurse account before 12/6/2012. Can I still use it or do I need to create a new one?

You’ll need to create a new account. Mighty Nurse accounts created before 12/6/2012 were used to participate in the job network. That feature is now offered through our partner, ShiftWise Connect.  If you currently work for a ShiftWise Connect network member, your account  has been migrated to ShiftWise Connect.   However, in order to use the new features at Mighty Nurse, everyone will need to create a new account.  You can sign up to join Mighty Nurse at

I already created an account once. How is this different? Why is it better?

Accounts previously had one function: find per diem and contract nursing jobs. Now, your account connects you to an entire community of nurses, a variety of original nursing stories, contests, and cartoons, and allows you to participate by commenting, posting and making connections to your nursing peers.  ShiftWise Connect will offer per diem and contract nursing jobs for nurses who work for employers in the network.

What happened to the Mighty Job Network?

Jobs are now offered through our partner, ShiftWise Connect. A Mighty Nurse account is no longer associated with jobs.

I used to receive daily email job alerts. Will that continue?

The daily job alerts feature will only be available to ShiftWise Connect users. If you have a ShiftWise Connect account, you will continue to receive the alerts. Otherwise, this feature is no longer available through Mighty Nurse.

Community FAQs (4)

What is the activity stream?

The activity stream shows you what is happening on Mighty Nurse – the most recent stories, comments, photos, contests…  all the activity of users on the site. You can filter to view just the activity you care about.  Access it by clicking the Latest Activity link in the main menu.

Can other users see the information I enter into my profile?

You have a choice how profile data is viewed. You can allow your profile to be viewed by anyone, by logged in users or just your friends.

How can I look up members and find people to connect with?

You can access the member directory via the Community tab in the main menu as well as in the sidebar of any page (except home). It is located at

On the Members page, you can search for people you want to become friends with.

How can I turn notification emails on or off?

By default, you will receive notification emails any time someone interacts with you on the site. Notifications can be controlled in Settings -> Notifications. You can access this page when logged in by hovering over your name in the upper right hand corner and then clicking Settings.

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