For the love of nursing

judi-license-plateI was a nurse for 42 years. Had you asked me at 21, if I would like geriatrics, I would have said, “No way!”

However now that I AM a geriatric nurse, I have found that I really enjoy it.

The last 15 years of my career were spent doing Home Health Care. And I totally loved it. Well, most of the time. I hated it when family members really did not care what happened to their grandparents.

Some of them even abused their grandparents. At least as sickening as abusing children! Mostly, I really enjoyed visiting my patients.

Some of them are so lonely. All of their children have moved away and rarely call and even more rarely visit. A lot of them simply do not want to be bothered. The adorable little old folks just loved it when their nurse visited because they had someone to talk to.

I had a personalized plate on my car that said,”NURSE JUDI’ so they wouldn’t be frightened when I pulled into their driveway. I was fed homemade cookies and given little homemade Christmas gifts.

They really appreciated the attention and help. It was a sad day, for both of us, when the were all well from their surgery or whatever and I couldn’t come anymore. My favorite funny story was about a couple of 75 year old’s who lived together because they couldn’t lose her Social Security from her late husband.

They had been together for 15 years. I told him (he had a bad back) that if she were to fall, he was to call 911. He was not to try and pick her up himself, under any circumstances.

One day I came and she said that she had had a bad night.

I asked what happened and she said, I fell in the bathroom last night.” I looked at him, and he added that he HAD called 911. She said all of these cute 25 year old firefighters rushed in and picked her up. I grinned and said, “What was so bad about that?” She said, “Well, I was naked!” I asked, “Why was that?” She said,” when we decided to live together, we decided to sleep in the nude every night!” He put in, “But honey, you weren’t totally naked-you had your ‘gait belt’ on!!!”

I love being retired, but I sure do miss nursing sometimes.

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