From Agency Nurse to Agency Owner

Stories - Home HealthMy current position today is CEO at Med Staff On-Call, a virtual staffing agency. I started Med Staff On-Call because I believed there was a better way to do staffing; a way to give nurses more control, more of a voice, and a higher rate for their hard work.

Transparency, Power, and a Best Rates Guaranteed are the pillars of Med Staff On-Call. I feel strongly about these because I have been on the other side.

I have worked for agencies as a per diem nurse and have experienced first-hand the frustrations of working for a traditional agency.

Human error. Innocently enough, staffing coordinators are human and humans make mistakes but computers do not.

At Med Staff On-Call, you choose the shifts you want via your cell phone or the web. You receive email and text message confirmations for the shifts you are scheduled for so there are no mistakes or communication errors.

Pushy coordinators. Even on days you tell your agency you can not work they still call asking you to work.

At Med Staff On-Call you won’t receive any pushy calls because you manage your own schedule and we respect that. You control what notifications you receive and for where and when. Med Staff On-Call gives you control.

Favoritism. Ever wonder if there was a shift available that you didn’t get because you are not the agency’s favorite nurse or your usual staffing coordinator is out that day and
you don’t know the fill-in.

At Med Staff On-Call we believe in total transparency which means you will see all the shifts you qualify for. There is no staffing coordinator between you and your money.

The benefits of leveraging technology in staffing has translated to OUR BEST RATE GUARANTEE. Med Staff On-Call can offer higher pay for nurses because our technology allows you to do your own staffing. Join us at Med Staff On-Call, become one of hundreds of nurses that are using technology to staff themselves and getting the highest pay rates for it. Get started today by registering at  Find out more at Med Staff On-Call

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