Happy National Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week 2015

Mightiest Nursing Brain Challenge
Mightiest Nursing Brain Challenge

Take this 20 Question Quiz… Score over 90% and you’ll be entered into our prize drawing.

Prizes Include:

  • 1st Prize – Florence Nightingale ‘Flo Ridin Shirt‘, Antimicrobial Scrub Set, Nursing Shoes.
  • 2nd Prize – Antimicrobial Scrub Set
  • 3rd Prize – Littman Stethoscope

Find A Nursing Job
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MN Shopping
Mighty Nurse Shop

Mighty Nurse Store

Mighty Nurse now proudly has two stores open to serve many of your nursing needs. Please visit the Mighty Nurse Shop for fun apparel and accessories, and Scrubs from Mighty Nurse (20% OFF During Nurses Week) for your workplace wardrobe.

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