Hey RNs! Work here, not there

Are you a nurse that likes to travel? Are you considering a move? Then you should probably check out Scrubsmag.com’s article on the best and worst states to be an RN in 2012. Nursing job opportunities are on the rise and there are some places that are simply providing better opportunities than others.

Ok, you got me, now just tell me where to go!

Strictly speaking in terms of the average hourly mean wage by state, here are the top 5 (you can start your own search on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to find out where your state is listed):

The best states for nurse pay are California, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts and Marlyand.

California: $42.06
Massachusetts: $40.86
Hawaii: $39.48
Alaska: $38.15
Maryland: $36.76

Now, don’t pack your bags just yet. You still have to factor in cost of living, lifestyle choices and other things that are important to you. California, for one, is notorious for high taxes and cost of living so not every dollar is created equal. And, of course, Mighty Nurse knows it’s not all about money when your daily job is, first and foremost, to help others.

If money, isn’t everything, which states are the best places to live?

In 2009, Forbes published the results of an exhaustive survey listing America’s Best Places to Live. The top five in order are listed below. In parentheses is the state’s rank for average nurse salaries.

  1. 1. Utah (34)
  2. 2. Hawaii (3)
  3. 3. Wyoming (38)
  4. 4. Colorado (33)
  5. 5. Minnesota (13)

If we can draw any conclusions, it’s that we’re all moving to Hawaii, right? Or we can take the advice of Scrubsmag.com, which chose Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania as the top places for nurses to live based on quality of living and salaries.

Let us know what you think about nurse salaries across the country and how much of a factor it is to you when searching for a job.

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