How the times have changed

My first day as a nurse was a return to my hometown hospital where I had worked summers and weekends as a nurse and knew the staff well.

The charge nurse on duty and a local physician got into an argument standing over a patient about whether or not I should be wearing my nursing hat!

This was in 1974!

The charge nurse thought the doctors would immediately expect too much from me if they saw me with a hat on.

The doctor gave the argument that my hat represents my brain!

I didn’t know which way to go but felt insulted by both theories.

Much to the charge nurse’s dismay, I refused to be treated like a child, left my hat on and got ready to take on mine and the physician’s duties.

I also got the last say in when I looked at the doctor and said, “It’s not the hat that is important, but what is in the head and heart underneath it!”

Today, nursing hats are mostly a professional symbol and are largely extinct from the workplace. But the sentiment I spoke that day remains the same. My nursing school 30+ years ago taught me well…BRING IT ON!

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