How to deal with retaking a course

Stories - Carla Studying NCLEXNursing school isn’t easy, and that means a good deal of it will be a struggle.  Not everyone can sail through it, and sometimes a student can stumble in a class.

No one likes to fail, but it happens to students who become great nurses further along in their career.  Lots of factors can go into why a student has to retake a course, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you fall into this category.

The key to determining how to get through that class the second time is to realize what made you struggle the first time.  For some students, life outside the classroom gets in the way, and that can make them unable to focus their energy on studying.

You need to have your personal life in order to get through nursing school, and this means accounting for babysitting, ensuring finances are in check, and spending time with loved ones.  Just because you had personal issues during a class doesn’t mean your nursing bid is doomed.

Another reason people need to retake a class is that they just didn’t understand the material.  On the second time around, you will actually be in better shape because the information will be repeated, but that isn’t any guarantee.

“In the end, needing to retake a class happens to even the best of nurses.”

If you’re having problems with the work in general, you need to seek out help from your instructor, the tutoring center, or fellow classmates.  You can work with one of the students in your class who really seems to “get it,” and this may be enough to reinforce the material for you.

You may have had difficulties with the personality of the nursing instructor.  If you are in a large university, it may be easy to switch to a different instructor to get through the class.

However, you may be stuck with the same instructor, and that will mean you have to get past them to achieve your goals.  Have a talk with the instructor, if you can, or discuss with other students how they deal with the personality to get around the problem.

Part of needing to retake a class stems from the possible embarrassment you may feel.  If it is a non-nursing session, it usually isn’t a big deal to retake a core course.

If it is a nursing class, though, you may be held back from progressing with your class and graduating when planned.  This can be demoralizing, and sometimes it may make you want to give up nursing entirely.

You should understand that may people need to retake classes for a number of reasons, and they aren’t necessarily all your fault.  If you have to join another class, you can still make friends with the students around you.

In fact, you may find students who had to retake that nursing class from your previous group, and that can give you someone to commiserate with.  Finding a friend in your new class will go a long way toward helping you overcome that hurdle.

You should also make it a point to get to know your new class, find out whom the good students are, and ask for their help.  Students from the class you started with can also tutor you in getting through this tough path.

In the end, needing to retake a class happens to even the best of nurses.  If you find yourself in that position, don’t despair, but find a way to turn it to you advantage and make it work.

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