How to Embrace Working the Holidays

wreathNovember ushers in the holiday season.  There’s a lightness in the air as most finalize their Thanksgiving plans.  The cherished sweet potato recipe, soon the sounds of Bing Crosby, and the crispness in the air all contribute to the season.

Nurses, as well as any who work in healthcare, quickly come to the tough realization that their chosen career demands they work some holidays.  Hospitals do not have the luxury of shutting down on Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter.  So how can you survive working the holidays?

The Feast

If ever there was a feast, it is on every unit across the country on a holiday.  Embrace this day by sharing your favorite recipe with your coworkers. Indulge in the savors of the season. 


Your pocket will appreciate that you worked the holidays.  Most hospitals pay time and a half, sometimes double to those working. If you are working Thanksgiving, think of it as your Christmas bonus and start writing your gift list. If you work Christmas, plan a quick and inexpensive get away with your extra money.

Family Time

If you plan ahead, perhaps you can spend part of the day with friends and/or family. Some plan a day off close to the holiday to celebrate. Try to look forward to and plan the holidays you are free.

Bonding with Coworkers

You are not alone. Those you work with wish that they too could be home with family and friends. Make the best of your situation together! Take selfies, sing carols, give each other multiple breaks.

There are ways to embrace the benefits that come with working a holiday. Be thankful if you have food, health, family, and friends. This is not the case for everyone. And remember, our patients wish they were home too, so try to be especially empathetic towards them. Be kind to one another. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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