How to know you need to find a new nursing job

Stories - Theme Scale NursingAll jobs come with stress, particularly if you work as nurse. Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed by everything you need to do that you fantasize about working as a Walmart greeter.

Have you ever thought, though, that it is the facility you are working for? Not everyone is happy when working in a facility at the bedside. It just means that you have to take a different job.

No two jobs are alike, and you may find that a change of jobs within the nursing profession are more suited to your particular skill set. If you are experiencing any of the follow symptoms, you made need to find another place to practice nursing.

You hate going into work

If you dread going to work with a soul deep intensity, then there is a problem somewhere. Most of the dread is anticipatory, but even getting on the floor can cause you to shy away.

You love your patients, and you would care for them no matter what. However, the hatred of your particular job can carry over to the patient, as well.

All jobs come with frustrations, but you don’t necessarily need to grin and bear it. You can always send your resume out to facilities you would like to work at and get your name in front of recruiters.

Sometimes it may seem like the grass is greener on the other side, but what if it really is better in another specialty? It may take a long time to figure what specialty of nursing is good for you, but it can be detrimental to your mental health to continue working were you are.

It feels like a chore to get your work done

It isn’t just dreading going into work. When you are there, you silently hope that you won’t have to deal with a problem or get behind with no help.

Again, this is stress that is most likely caused by the place you work. When a patient asks for a pain pill, a frustrated nurse may feel lethargic, tired, and unwilling to do what’s asked… even though they always do.

Nursing shouldn’t be a chore. If you start to feel apathetic for you patients or management, you need to walk away and find another job.

It is unsafe for a nurse to do only the bare minimum. Your feelings about your job are going to leak into your patient care, and that is not safe for the patients – or you.

You don’t leave work at work

Another sign that your current job isn’t for you is that you can’t leave work at work. Essentially, your dread of having to go back stays present, even on your days off.

When you are done working, you need to put it out of your mind. Unfortunately, it is difficult to just get rid of the feelings.

When you can’t stop worrying and obsessing about your job, even when you are not there, this is an indication that there is a problem. Nursing is full of opportunities and there is no reason to stay stuck in a place that makes you miserable.

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