How to pass the NCLEX

Stories - Theme Computer Laptop NCLEXAfter you’ve been through the gauntlet that is nursing school, you may feel like you’ve already run the race.

On the contrary, you still have boards to pass before you can work as an independent nurse.

If tests scare you, then you’re probably positively terrified of the NCLEX. Yes, it is a test of some importance, but you can pass it if you just follow certain steps.

It doesn’t mean that you need to take a month off for just studying.

No, you need to study smart because there is no way you are going to smash two or four years of college into whatever time you have available before your test.

Practice and focused attention to your weaknesses will help you pass the test far more than trying to study everything.

You know what you are good at and what still stumps you, and you need to mine that information to get you past this nursing milestone.

One of the best ways to pass NCLEX is to get a book that outlines everything you need to know about nursing training.

These are usually thick tomes with small print that cover everything you’ve been taught in school.

While it is true that you have your schoolbooks, often these are too much in depth and too much to study.

An overview book will tell you the bare minimums, and you can look up the topics that seem to give you the most trouble.

Don’t get too bogged down in buying a whole bunch of books for NCLEX prep. One book that covers the basics should be enough to get you by.

You should study this book almost exclusively, as it will remind you of things you may have learned in the very beginning of your class.

Essentially, this is an outline book and you can work your way through it to refresh your memory of the entirety of your classwork.

Practice Questions

The best way to study for the NCLEX is by doing as many practice questions as you can get your hands on.

If you can find books of questions, this is where you want to invest your money so that you can practice how the questions are asked.

As any nursing student knows, it is often easy to know the information, but when applying it in the form of a multiple choice question, the situation becomes muddied.

That is why studying by way of questions is much more beneficial than just studying information.

You should aim to do at least 500 questions before the test, if not more. Sometimes it is difficult to find test questions, but books and CDs are often your best bet for the most comprehensive questions.

In addition, you should make sure that the questions are in the same format as those asked by NCLEX.

Not all questions are created equal, and you have to find questions that are created in the image of those who write the test itself.

Strength and Weaknesses

Finally, you should focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Let’s face it: you’re not going to be able to cram everything into your study sessions for NCLEX.

Sometimes you know what you weaknesses are.

For instance, many nurses find maternity to be a difficult subject to master and to remember.

That means that you should focus your attentions on maternity, instead of going over cardiac again that you may know very well.

You can also get a good idea for your strengths and weaknesses by keeping track of what parts of the HESI you had trouble with.

In the end, you need to tailor your studying to your needs, and that means getting to know yourself and the scope of your knowledge.

Don’t focus so much on your strengths, but try to improve on your weaknesses to make the studying for NCLEX easier.

You will probably never encounter a test as difficult at the NCLEX, but it is certainly passable.

By looking to overviews, performing practice questions, and focusing on your weakness, you should be able to pass the test with no problems the first time.

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