I Never Thought They Would Call Me an Angel

Stories - Carla AngelIf you had told me as a kid that I would grow up to be a nurse I would have never believed you. I wasn’t raised in a home with parents that worked in the medical field. And I never once considered becoming a nurse while growing up.

In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I considered nursing the first time. To be honest I went for completely self serving purposes. I hated my job and found out that nurses only worked three days a week . . . can’t beat that. Later I learned about CRNA, but the only path into CRNA school was bedside nursing so I decided to go for it.

When my wife found out she was pregnant, the first time, I knew I needed to change my career so we uprooted out lives in Houston, TX and moved hundreds of miles away to Illinois for me to attend a second degree nursing program.

As the program progressed I began to completely fall in love with nursing. Patients began to change my life and my life began to transform into that of a nurse.
To say that nursing school changed my life is a complete understatement. It was challenging, fulfilling, and eye opening.

As nursing school started drawing to a close I began an aggressive search for an internship. To do this I searched Google for a few keywords. I searched words like “new nurse internship”, “nurse intern”, “graduate nurse”, “registered nurse intern”, and similar words that lead me to hospitals in the area that offered internships for nursing graduates in the area.

Using this method I was able to obtain email addresses for nursing recruiters and began to write them personalized emails asking about application dates for internship programs at their hospitals.

Honestly, I was surprised at how many responded and pointed me in the right direction. I was lucky to land interviews at several Trauma I hospitals in Emergency, Surgery, and Intensive Care units.

I took a job in a Neurosurgical ICU and hit the ground running, trying to learn everything I could to take the best care of my patients. Every shift was humbling. Families and patients would call me things like “hero” and “angel” for simply doing my job. As these patients touched my life I could feel myself becoming a more thoughtful, caring, and loving person. While I give every patient my all, some patients will never leave me and have touched me in ways that have totally altered my life for the better.

Within a year I obtained my CCRN certification. I was able to complete my studying mostly at work by diving in to patient charts and seeking learning opportunities during every possible shift. This lead to opportunities to precept students and new nurses and then work on the RRT/Code Team and as a charge nurse in the same ICU I started in as a new nurse.

I have discovered that teaching is my passion and wanted to impact and reach more students. It was this passion that lead me to create NRSNG.com as a hub for nursing students where I can simplify nursing education and reach students that might be struggling.

Nursing is an amazing career that can take you so many places. While my journey into nursing was never planned it has set the entire course of my life.

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