More than just a nurse

Stories - Theme Nurse Stories CertificationAt the age of two in 1958 I was diagnosed with polio.

My family Dr. suggested that my parents send me to Shriners Hospital.

There was a fantastic nurse there whom I called Ms. B.

Ms. B was so much more than just a nures to me, I don’t think she will ever understand just how much she meant to me.

She became my second mother due to extensive surgery and numerous visits.

Ms. B let me help with her duties and made my stay away from my family much less traumatic.

I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

Shriners Hospital was in Chicago and my family lived in Michigan. They made it there every other Sunday.

The rest of the time they would call Ms. B and let her know they were thinking about me.

This went on until my last trip there when I was 15 years old.

Forever in my heart

Three years later Ms. B passed away, but her love and devotion stayed within me.

I became a stay at home mom and raised two kids.

My husband knew my dream was to one day pursue being a nurse just as Ms. B had been to me.

At the age 46 I went back to college to earn my degree and at age 50 I became a nurse!

I am now 56 years old and treat my patients as if they were family and let them know I am there for them 100%.

I am in home care health and love the one on one experience that I deal with.

Ms. B was and always will be, my nursing role model. Thank you for everything Ms. B.

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