I will always remember

wheelchairI was a CNA for 8 years before going to LPN school and this actually happened while I was a CNA.

I was working the 3-11 shift and it was my duty that day to put my two ladies in room 212 in their wheelchairs and bring them to the front and park them near the Garden doors where they could get a little sunshine after supper.

When I gathered the first little lady she had the infamous Foley Cathater Bag to wrestle with.

I handed it to her and said that it was her “Purse”.

She eagerly grabbed it from me as if I was about to get into it.

She threw the handle(tubing) over her shoulder , and going up the hallway she announced “This is a terrible purse, I can’t get it open!”Especially not with her extremely poor eyesight.

I parked her and asked her if she’d like me to put her “Purse” on the chair handle?

This time she flung it at me! I got her some Apple Juice and was off to collect the next little lady.

The next lady wasn’t quite as active as the first and the old purse trick didn’t impress her, so her “Purse” was already perched on the side of the wheelchair.

And of course to the Glee of all present, my first lady choked on her Apple Juice while proclaiming at the top of her lungs, “SHE STOLE MY PURSE!”

While choking back laughter I explained to her that it was a Spring Sale Item and that everyone had one just alike.

To this insult she scowled “Well, I never!!! ”

I will never forget my time as a CNA.

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