If I can do it, anyone can

Stories - Sign Nursing School SurvivalDuring nursing school I had the worst time of my life.

I started getting sick in the first semester.

I began to have stomach problems that ranged from pain to GI bleeds.

Throughout nursing school I averaged one to two hospital stays a month. During semester two I had to have abdominal surgery right before finals.

I went through the surgery and suffered through two more clinical rotations that semester and then finals.

I got through it. I had an episode of septic shock right before level three due to an infection from my surgery and I had to defer that spring semester and begin in the fall to regain my health. During level 3 and 4 the multiple hospital visits continued.

But, I prevailed and graduated nursing school.

I have to thank my peers and instructors for working with me and for their help.

“I hope my story can motivate others.”

In nursing school we all have our hardships, but they are just bumps in the road we need to get over.

I am still having health issues but I am close to getting a job on a medical surgical/ pediatrics floor.

I will work hard and continue to find a way to cure my illness.

The problem is we can’t figure out what is wrong with me. But, again a bump in the road I will drive right over.

Don’t let yourself give up if life gets hard. If you work hard and truck through it you will prevail.

I hope my story can motivate others. My experience may seem extreme.

It was my own personal experience. Others have hardships which are their own experiences.

It does not matter the level of “extreme” their situation may be because their situation may be extreme to them.

I will continue to help others and I will continue my education path towards being a nurse practitioner. Giving up is not an option.

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