Introducing Mighty Nurse’s newest superhero, “Mr. Numbers”

AISETUPOur Mighty Nurse superhero team has just added another member! Please welcome to the community, Kevin Pan RN.  “Mr. Numbers”, as he’ll be known,  joins The Brain, Sarge, Professor K, and  The Scribe as regular “super” contributors to Mighty Nurse.

“Mr. Numbers” will be breaking down nursing topics each week in an easy to read numbers format. 3 Ways a nurse….., 4 Things a nurse……, 8 Nurses who……, we think you get the idea!

In the nursing field, he works as a Psychiatric RN, which he really enjoys! During the few months of free time he  had after graduating, he learned how to make websites. If you’re a nurse, an entrepreneur, or love the internet, Mr. Numbers and you will get along just fine! We’re thrilled to have “Mr. Numbers” contributing to Mighty Nurse.

You can friend Kevin and interact with him by clicking here

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