Introducing Mighty Nurse’s newest superhero, “The Brain”

The Brain, weekly contributor to Mighty Nurse

Welcome our weekly contributor, Joshua M Felts (2) BS, BSN, RN, aka “The Brain.”

There’s a new superhero in the Mighty Nurse community. His name is Joshua M. Felts (2) BS, BSN, RN. Wait…that’s not a superhero name. Why don’t we just call him “The Brain”?

It’s a name he’s earned what with four degrees under his belt (and another one coming). They include an MBA (in progress), a BSN in Nursing, and two bachelor’s degrees, one in economics, the other in history. If you’re a patient, be careful. You might get a dose of ancient Roman history and a lecture on economic theory while having your blood drawn.

Weekly Contributor

Josh, er, “The Brain” will be putting all this knowledge to good use as our first weekly contributor. He’s already written some compelling stories that you can check out by visiting his activity feed.

In the medical field, he’s been a CNA, telemetry technician and EMT. His first nursing job was as a psych nurse and he’s currently working as a rehabilitation nurse. He may or may not rehab his patients by simply thinking about a cure. He won’t confirm, but it sounds true to us.

Like any Mighty Nurse, his compassion is coupled with toughness built on years as a nurse as well as a past that includes a brief stint as a US border patrol agent.

We are excited to have “The Brain” contributing to Mighty Nurse. We hope you enjoy his work!


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