Introducing Mighty Nurse’s newest superhero, “The Scribe”


Welcome our weekly contributor,Lynda Lampert RN,aka “The Scribe.”

There’s yet another new superhero in the Mighty Nurse community! Her name is Lynda Lampert RN. But like another famous reporter, our “Clark Kent” has a superhero name of her own. Please welcome “The Scribe” as she joins “The Brain” and “Sarge” as regular “super” contributors to Mighty Nurse.

Eyes and ears on the nursing industry

“The Scribe” will be reporting each and every week covering hot topics that are going on in the nursing industry. She sees is, she hears it, she reports it!

In the nursing field, she’s been an RN and seen a lot in the med-surge department. She was also a CNA prior to nursing school. As a published writer, “The Scribe” has been covering the health industry and will be a welcome addition to the Mighty Nurse community.

We are excited to have “The Scribe” contributing to Mighty Nurse. We hope you enjoy her work!

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