Irrational Fear

communication-fearI don’t have very many pet peeves; but even if I did, I don’t expect you to pay much heed.

Essentially, a pet peeve is an action we find irritating.

We all have pet peeves, but most of us don’t truly expect the world to weave itself around our likes and dislikes; we may, at times, be prima donnas, but most of us aren’t irrational narcissists.

Albeit we prefer X over Y, we don’t require it.  In the end, we understand we’re just people: nothing more, nothing less.

Yet, when I think about pet peeves, I don’t know who I loathe more, the people whom actually believe we should accommodate their pet peeves or the dumb bastards who actually lower themselves and accommodate them.

In healthcare, we generally don’t accommodate pet peeves; well, unless you’re a physician.

Apparently, if you’re a physician, I should care about you and your preferences.

I should, I guess, remain pithy, accurate, and overly considerate, especially over the phone; I must not waste your time.

I don’t have very many pet peeves; but I do have a pet peeve about pet peeves; if you’re a nurse and pause prior to calling your patient’s physician vis-à-vis their condition, you’re over thinking it.

In healthcare, most of us are overworked, overstressed, and underpaid; however, some of us aren’t.

If you’re a surgeon – and I must wake you in the middle of the night – I don’t want to hear about it.

I understand you’re busy. Well, so am I.


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