Is It Wrong To Be in Nursing Just for the Money?

Stories - Carla Money BagI’ll often hear people saying things like this when I peruse nursing forums or other nursing related discussions on the web:

“I never got into nursing for the money. My first priority has always been to care for people. I love nursing. It’s my calling!”

Nothing wrong with that statement. But some attitudes are more like this:

“People who become nurses just for the money do it for the wrong reason. They are usually the ones who have NO CLUE what being a nurse entails… They are usually the ones weeded out in school… but some make it to the floor, and they are the ones that we have to constantly pick up the slack on.”

I’ve never had a burning passion to be a nurse.

I admit it.

Nursing seemed like a good investment to me – an investment in time and money. I could get a degree in three years from a community college, and end up with a comfortable, reliable income with less than ten grand in student loans. I couldn’t find any other profession that offered this guaranteed, attractive combination of schooling and financial return.

I don’t think I’m alone in that thinking either. With over 2,711,500 nursing jobs in U.S and growing, there is no way everyone is doing it because nursing was their life’s calling.

Am I a bad nurse now? Does your “heart” have to be into nursing for you to be a good nurse? I don’t think so.

What Makes a Good Nurse?

A good nurse has a combination of many skills and attributes. Here’s just a few off the top of my head:





Attention to Detail



I don’t think any of these attributes requires you to love nursing. Good nursing is about a good attitude. I don’t love nursing – but I am a good nurse, and I’m not ashamed to say it!

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