42 years in the biz

On September 15th, 1970 I began my nursing career as an after school candy striper in a local community hospital.

My duties were everything from running mail, flowers and messages, to assisting in the ER with transport.

I did this from 1970 to 71 and then graduated as a CNA and went onto Licensed Psychiatric Technician school in California State hospitals. Where I worked for 10 years.

Then I went back to my Alma mater and graduated from the 1st LVN class in 1982!

I have been an LVN ever since.

I am still in nursing and have seen many changes through the years.

Upon return to my home state I will set out to obtain the long elusive RN license.

42 years in “the biz” has had its ups & downs and the career has been a magic carpet of travel and learning!

Somebody asked me if I ever plan on retiring. My response?

Well unless that becomes a duty of a nurse, I can’t even begin to consider it!

To those about to enter or those just at the beginning of your career. Here is a bit of advice.

There are times you will ask yourself “Why?”

  • Take one day, one shift at a time
  • Pace yourself
  • Rely on the help of others and never forget that you do what you do as a gift from god
  • Do not let nursing consume you
  • Time off is essential

There will be times your so full of pride in what you do, that you feel so alive!

Share your skills with underlings and always remember your roots and beginnings. No matter how high you get as a nurse.

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