Love is forever

forever-loveOn one of my night shifts in the emergency department, I was a witness that love is forever.

EMS brought a 82 year old female that had fallen at home, she was complaining of right hip pain, as you can imagine the DX of Fracture right hip follows.

During the commotion of the busy ER, I noticed that this little old man sitting next to her, it was her husband, Mr.Truit.

I went to talk to him about his wife, he quickly volunteered information and told me that they were married for 60 years, had 3 children.

They both lived at a farm and seldom either one became sick, she only takes aspirin daily.

He became very emotional to know that she needed surgery and her chances of making thru the surgery were minimal due to her age.

As the night went on, I went about taking care of my other 3 patients but frequently checked on both of them while they waited for a surgical bed to become open.

He held her hand while they waited and waited for hours it was one of those busy nights.

I offered coffee to Mr.Truit, he told me that he would not leave her bedside until she went for the surgery.

Hours and hours had passed the bed coordinator told me that Mrs. Truit was going to surgery straight from the ER the next day because no bed were available on the surgical unit. I was worried that Mr.Truit was up all night, I advised him that maybe he should get some rest, call his kids to take over and stay with Mrs.Truit.

He told me that thru the years they were never separated not even one night and he would not start now. He remained at her bedside cleaning her face, talking to her, holding her hand, going over stories from both of them, even thou Mrs. Truit had morphine on board she managed to smiled.

As I was leaving my shift at 0700 I went to the say goodbye. Both were thankful for the nursing care, I kept insisting that Mr. Truit gets some rest, he finally told “Don’t worry dear, when you grow old and have live with someone you love, just know that LOVE IS FOREVER”

I went home with tears in my eyes, until today I can still picture my patient laying on the stretcher and her husband next to her. It was 10 years ago.


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