Male Nurse vs. The World

Stories - MatthewI became a nurse after dealing with the dying process of my great grandma. She is the one I credit for my success in Nursing.

Over the years I have dabbled in emergency nursing.

My first code was a two year old male. The doctors and staff had performed CPR for 20+ minutes, mind you the mother was in room.

The doctors wanted to call the code but I was persistent in progressing to try and save this boys life.

The doctor granted my request. Due to the doctor allowing me to continue with ALS the boy had a rhythm after 65 more seconds of CPR.

The mother fell to her knees and then engulfed me in hugs and tears.

The last thing I remember hearing was: “Thank you nurse!  You have saved my child!” The mother held her boy while holding my hand.

The thought of doing a great deed ran through my head while tears ran down my face. I am no hero but for those few minutes I was a “Mighty Nurse”.


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