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AISETUPEvery nursing community needs a board of nursing! Members that sit on the Mighty Nurse Board of Nursing will lend a hand in empowering all of our Mighty Nurses. They will provide support by answering questions in the ‘Ask the Board’ forum, voting as a group for contest winners, being a voice in the community and driving user interaction. Each board member will sit for 6 months and thereafter have the choice to renew their position or open it up to another member of Mighty Nurse.

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Josh Felts Pic
  • The Contributor Chair

Jason Hautala first became an EMT, then graduated from Lower Columbia College with an ADN-RN degree in 1996. He has worked as a nurse in home health, Tele, ICU, OR and currently is an ER nurse. Jason has been a proud Mighty Nurse member since the beginning of the website.
  • The Education Chair is dedicated to providing the nursing community with a comprehensive collection of professional education and information resources that our members can use to better their professional career.

Seat Open
  • The Community Chair

Cody Reece, MSNc MBAc, BSN, RN has worked in nursing leadership in the preoperative setting for the past few years. He has worked in private practices, emergency departments, outpatient and inpatient operating rooms. He has a strong sense for not only nursing research and evidence based practice, but also is very knowledgeable in healthcare administration and policy.

Seat Open
  • The Student Chair

Jennifer Crain is currently a senior nursing student at Lenoir University in Hickory, NC. She currently is a certified nursing assistant and has experience in home health. She has two children that keep her very busy! Jennifer is excited for her journey to becoming a nurse.

Lydia Lopez Pic
  • The Teacher Chair

Lydia Lopez MSN, RN, C is a professor at the St. Paul’s School of Nursing. She served as an NCLEX-RN exam writer for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing from 2004-2006. Lydia frequently reminds her students that the future of the profession is in their hands.

Oregon Center for Nursing
  • The Organization Chair

The Oregon Center for Nursing promotes a robust workforce of well-prepared nursing professionals who are dedicated to providing care, and leading change to meet the health needs of our communities.


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