Mightiest Nurse Winner

Congratulations to our contest winner!It was very hard to choose from all the amazing stories and we appreciate every one. We hope you look forward to our future contests and please keep those stories coming!

Congrats to Matthew who will be receiving $100 gift card his own Mighty Nurse cartoon animation character as seen below.

“Male Nurse vs. the World” by Matthew Thomas
I became a nurse after dealing with the dying process of my great grandma. She is the one I credit for my success in Nursing. Over the years I have dabbled in emergency nursing.  My first code was a two year old male.

The doctors and staff had performed CPR for 20+ minutes, mind you the mother was in room.  The doctors wanted to call the code but I was persistent in progressing to try and save this boys life.

The doctor granted my request.

Due to the doctor allowing me to continue with ALS the boy had a rhythm after 65 more seconds of CPR.  The mother fell to her knees and then engulfed me in hugs and tears.  The last thing I remember hearing was: “Thank you nurse!  You have saved my child!”

The mother held her boy while holding my hand.  The thought of doing a great deed ran through my head while tears ran down my face. I am no hero but for those few minutes I was a “Mighty Nurse”.


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