Mighty Nurse launches the Ask a Nurse forums

In order to give our community members a better way to connect and engage with each other, we’ve launched the Ask a Nurse forums.

There’s no substitute for nurse-to-nurse advice. After all, who better to get help from than a fellow nurse, right?

Ask a Nurse Forums – what is it?

Our forums are a place where you can easily engage in back and forth discussion with other community members about the nursing profession.

Available forums

We’ve kicked off the forums with three boards. As the forums evolve, we’ll add more, but these are it for now.

  • Nurse to Nurse AdviceThe previous Ask a Nurse feature is now part of this forum. We aren’t able to migrate the existing questions as posted by users so we’re starting fresh. Prior Ask a Nurse questions can still be read, but are no longer monitored.
  • Would you rather? This is meant to spur debate in a fun way. You can post a question asking the community if they’d rather do one thing or another. For example, we started a topic titled, “Work or school?
  • Suggestions. Provide feedback to Mighty Nurse about your experience using the site.

Meet the forum moderator

Meet the Mighty Nurse forum moderator, Jason Hautala RNWe’ve asked one of our longest standing community members, Jason Hautala RN, to act as forum moderator. Jason has been around on the site practically since it began…back when we were just a little Mighty.

Jason, or “Sarge”, as we’re calling him (more on that in a bit), has a rich history as a nurse with experience all over the profession both in the US and abroad. His credentials include a BA in Zoology from the University of Washington and he has his ADN-RN from Lower Columbia College. Jason has worked in home health, tele, ICU, OR and ER departments.

Jason calls himself the “funny guy” at work and has written a book called Haiku STAT!

But it’s not all fun and games. “Sarge” spent 6 years with a combat support hospital in the U.S. Army Reserves and spent two years as the Commander of a Preventative Medicine Detachment. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to nursing and fears nothing in the face of delivering care.

While on a medical mission to Cambodia, he had AK-47s pointed at his head and was kidnapped in the West Bank while doing emergency medicine training in Israel.

After that, a traumatic night in the ER doesn’t sound so bad. And neither does deleting a post full of spam.


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