Mighty Nurses Unite

Quote---Proud-To-Be-a-Nurse-MN-575x575-JPGIn the recent Miss America pageant, Miss Colorado took a stand for nursing. For the talent competition, most contestants showcased their singing, dancing, and musical talents while donning their sparkly, glittery costumes.

Kelley Johnson walked out on stage a little different.

Dressed in purple scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck, Johnson talked about a patient with Alzheimer’s disease who made an impression on her life. While she did not win the pageant, Kelley Johnson made the nursing industry proud! (Video below).

The View chimes in

Following the performance, popular television show The View managed to turn an innocent and inspiring story into something entirely different. (Video below)

Said comedian and co-host Michelle Collins on Johnson’s monologue:

…she came in in a nurse’s uniform, and basically read her emails out loud

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in:

Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?

A stethoscope is not just for doctors!

In the aftermath of The View’s take, Sierra Dawn wrote to Mighty Nurse about her use of a stethoscope:

I use my stethoscope to auscultate lung sounds, heart sounds and bowel sounds. My stethoscope has helped to find heart murmurs, pneumonia, and blood clots… all while my ears were listening on the other end. My stethoscope has helped me gauge the 1 and 5 minute apgar score of infants after birth… all while my ears were at the other end. Though nurses and physicians often work closely together, they also work independently of each other. I educate, investigate and care… all on my own. Many times, physicians even ask to use my stethoscope. Yes, a nurse’s stethoscope.

Let’s show ’em some mighty stethoscopes!

We want to see every nurse wearing their stethoscope in our gallery.

Upload your Stethoscope Picture or use the hashtag #mightynursesunite.

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We also want to share your stories in regards to what your stethoscope means to you!

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