My nursing inspiration

Stories - Carla ConfidentOne will never know whom or what will be your inspiration for wanting to care for another individual.

It may be a family member we took care of (which was my reason I wanted to become a nurse).

Being trained in the Caribbean from the small country of Belize was a tremendous experience.

Living in the United States of America is no different than being back home.

Whatever the reason, being the last of the siblings and raised by my grandmother and aunt was what drove me to be the person who I am today.

A family of motivation

My aunt, who was taken by rheumatoid arthritis inspired me when she fought for keeping herself active until the day she passed.

Working in the public health sector as a rural health nurse I got the opportunity to witness many cases. Such as the beginning and ending of how rapidly cancer can take a person without the proper medication at hand.

“I wouldn’t change my experiences for anything.”

I decided I wanted to be a nurse when I grew into it from taking care of my own, to taking care of others, and sharing the compassion of empathy and understanding.

Having the branches and experience on the tree I am still limited in my scope of practice.

I am still preparing for the NCLEX and then hoping to re-branch out within my already exciting scope, obgyn.

I wouldn’t change my experiences for anything. Nursing has been an interesting ride since day one!

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