NCLEX & HESI Practice Questions

NCLEX & HESI Practice Questions


Take the FREE practice exams including 120 questions with rationales. The review is additionally helpful to those preparing for HESI tests. Also find links to student stories, cartoons, and the Mighty Education Forum. Participate in the NCLEX poll, and view NCLEX exam tips. Submit your answer for the Weekly NCLEX/HESI contest.

The Practice Exams

Need to run through a few NCLEX practice questions? Whether you’re practicing for the real thing or just brushing up on your knowledge, these NCLEX test questions will keep you sharp.

Education Stories

Mighty Nurse frequently releases exclusive stories pertaining to nursing education. Explore the titles below or visit the Education Stories Page.

Selections from the series:


Mighty Education Forum

The Mighty Education Forum provides students an opportunity to discuss education related topics with veteran nurses and other nursing students.

Topics of interest:


Testing Tips

Below are NCLEX exam tips taken from the following articles on True life: I Passed the NCLEX & How to pass the NCLEX.

  • Schedule the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation, while academics are still fresh on your mind.
  • Give yourself 2-3 weeks of intense studying. Write down a schedule and stick to it!
  • Practice a lot of questions through multiple mediums: books, CDs, web resources, etc.. The more variety, the better.
  • Take a well-known preparatory class that guarantees high pass ratios. Both the Kaplan and Hurst reviews are highly recommended.
  • Eat a light healthy breakfast on exam day. Leave early so you don’t stress over the time you get there. Be confident and believe in yourself!

Weekly NCLEX/HESI Contest Questions

nclex hesi bubble

Participate in the Weekly NCLEX/HESI contest, answer the question correctly, and be entered to win cool Mighty Nurse gear. Weekly contest questions are released on Monday of each week. Eligible entries must be submitted by the following Sunday.

Nurse Videos

Advice, humor, perspectives and more. Go to the main Video Page, or check out the Gentamicin Style Dance video below.

Video - Gentamicin Style Dance

NEW! Monster Method of ABG Interpretation

To use this method of ABG interpretation, you have to visualize each ABG as if it were a fury monster, and based on the color of his fur and clothing, you can figure out everything you need to know about his acid/base balance. Click here to read more details.

abg image

Mighty Nurse Cartoons

Cartoon - NCLEX Season
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