How to pass the NCLEX

All nursing school students must pass the NCLEX before they are allowed to practice as RNs or LPNs. It can be the most harrowing experience. We polled our Facebook fans for student advice, and below is the top 7 tips for successfully passing the exam. Good luck to all and we look forward to you sharing your nursing experience with us!

  1. Right after graduation, schedule the NCLEX as soon as possible, that way it is still fresh in your mind.
  2. Take a well-known preparatory class that guarantees high pass ratios to train you on how to pass tests and narrow it down. Get a review book. Both the Kaplan and Hurst reviews are highly recommended. Practice tests are also a great help.
  3. The day prior to your exam, take some time to just relax and make sure you get plenty of sleep.
  4. The day of your exam, eat a light healthy breakfast. Leave early for your appointment so you don’t stress over the time you get there. Be confident and believe in yourself! You’ve made it through the hardest part…. school! Take deep breaths before you begin, tell yourself, “I can do this.” Take your time and stay positive.
  5. While you’re taking the test ask yourself, “What are they asking me for?” Don’t second guess yourself and do not read into questions. Go with your gut. Read the question twice before you answer and go with your first instinct. It’s usually right.
  6. After you take the exam, don’t read anything into the amount of questions you get. 75 doesn’t mean you passed and 265 doesn’t mean you failed. If you feel like you failed, you probably passed.
  7. Lastly, if worst comes to worst, pop a peppermint in your mouth and if you must guess, pick “C”.

To read all of the tips from our Facebook “Mighty Nurses,” be sure to check out the advice here.

Other helpful resources:

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