No “I” in Team

The Acute Coronary Care Unit at The Toledo Hospital has to be one of the best experiences I have had as a nurse.

Although the work was hard and in the beginning the unit was set up  just like a regular unit, the nursing staff  was rearkable.

I had heard about being a part of a “team” but had not actually experienced it until I became a part of this team.

Of course, I had to prove I knew my business and could do the job competently.

“Any pettty differences were set aside and the patient was actually first.”

These nurses were and will always exeplify what working together is about for me.

This was not just a shift phenomenon.

It was intrashift and intershift, nurses,unit secretaries,management AND doctors.

Any pettty differences were set aside and the patient was actually first.

We helped each other and shared newly acquired knowledge.

The best thing : the doctors were helpful and always willing to help educate and explain reasons for treatments and interventions to the nurses.

They were actually not offended if a nurse made suggestions regarding patient treatment of medications.

So, if any of the nurses out there were a part of this wonderful “team ” from 1988 – 1994 , a HUGE Thank You for allowing me to be a member of that very special group of people, you are remembered with great fondness and respect.

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