We’re nurses, a special breed


We work hard, mentally and physically. However, in the true spirit of Nurse Appreciation Week, I’m not going to pontificate whimsical platitudes and shower you with praise.

Instead, I’m just keepin’ it real.

As nurses, we inspire awe.

Yes, it’s true; we’re bona fide bad asses, the La Cosa Nostra of healthcare.

After all, we fight the ills of mankind, whether that be influenza or an acute MI, trudging through the trenches, or manning the frontlines.

We hastily answer Code Blues and Code Browns with relative ease and alacrity.

We quickly change bacteria-laden briefs without complaint, compliment or cognition, but instead hardwired automation.

We’re ninjas, surreptitiously cutting through dimly-lit rooms, swerving in and out of IV poles and bedside tables, aiming for that all too elusive overflowing urinal, impeding it from impending doom.

Our stomachs are steel, tempered from years of chunky pungent emesis, runny stools, and horrific traumas

“We console the bereaved, supporting them in their time of need.

And after it’s all said and done, we eat lunch.

We don’t bleed. We breed, multiplying, running hospitals like bees in a hive, stingers in tow.

Our whit is quick and caustic. If need be, we attack, charging head-on into fisticuffs, dodging spit, fists, and the occasional kick, hastily striking with Ativan and Haldol.

We see the best and worst of humanity, our shifts ebb and flow with highs and lows. We console the bereaved, supporting them in their time of need.

We, without hesitation, fearfully run into the unknown without appreciation or acclamation, assisting and assessing our way as we go.

We’re nurses, a special breed. We appreciate your approbation, but when the week’s done, we’ll still be here fighting bacteria, viruses, and fungi till the job’s done.

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