Nurse outliers

degreeAccording to the American Nursing Association, there are 3.1 million Registered Nurses in the United States.  Out of that 3.1 million, 50% possess baccalaureate degrees or higher; and more importantly, only 13.2% acquire masters or doctorates.

Clearly, if you’ve got your doctorate, you’ve set yourself apart from the pack.

Nonetheless, if you’re not doctorate bound, it doesn’t mean you’re an outlier; in fact, most outliers don’t seize anything other than their wit.

If you look at the outliers of the outliers: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Abraham Lincoln, and Florence Nightingale earned university degrees.


If you want to set yourself apart from your colleagues, focus on patient outcomes; if you can accelerate patient progress, your colleagues will notice.


The game of nursing isn’t a game at all; in fact, it’s life or death; yet, you can look at the management of your time a game; just think, if you can figure out how to create a series of events which reduces your time from point A to B, you’re a rock star.


I know a lot of nurses, and a lot of them fail in the compassion department; they may be compassion fatigued, but they’ve just quit feeling.  And when you quit feeling, you just can’t nurse – well other than just hanging fluids or calculating the Glasgow Coma Scale.


If you can hang multiple lines, run codes like a champ, and just kick ass, you’re an outlier.


I hate to admit this, but outliers usually excel at politics; I admit, I’m terrible at politics; I’m blunt, abrasive, and emotional.  However, most outliers know manipulation and how to position themselves to rule the roost.  If you’re a politician at heart, you’re an outlier.

I’m always listening, watching, and learning; out of all.


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