Nurse skills tests FAQ

Why should I take a skills assessment test with Mighty Nurse?

  • Your test with Mighty Nurse is independent of any particular job application, and therefore can be used multiple times.  This means you only have to take and pass a test once in order to  use it for multiple job openings.
  • Exam content is nationally validated and accepted by virtually any employer.
  • Most employers require job applicants to take skills assessment tests.
  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates and give employers confidence in your abilities.
  • Employers are looking for organized candidates that can highlight their resume with actual examples of clinical competencies.

How do I know my test will be accepted by employers?

Prophecy Healthcare Inc. is the largest provider of nurse competency exams in the U.S. and employs stringent standards for its testing process. In order to ensure the highest quality testing, Prophecy uses a validation process that meets Equal Opportunity Employment Guidelines and includes three key concepts for creating valid tests.

  • Validation partners. Prophecy maintains partnerships with healthcare providers and staffing agencies to ensure professional validation of testing practices. 
  • Subject matter experts. Individuals contribute their own subject matter expertise as part of a formal job analysis identifying job knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) specific to a healthcare specialty.
  • National benchmarking. Prophecy Competency Benchmark Index (PCBI) uses data from its extensive database of online clinical competency assessments to establish percentile-based benchmarks for clinician’s exam scores.

Who should take a skills test?

There are over 185 online clinical assessments for the following nursing types:

  • RN
  • CNA

How can a potential employer use my test?

Employers can request your test by visiting

When will I receive the link to take the exam I requested?

Requests for each Skills Test will be filled within one business day. Mighty Nurse will notify you by email when your Skills Test is ready for you to access.

What information will I receive about my test results?

You will be emailed a pass/fail result within one business day of completing your test. Test details cannot be provided until an employer makes a specific request. This is necessary to ensure the integrity of the test results.

How much does it cost to take additional tests after my free one?

Each additional test is $12. This includes any retakes of the same test following a no-pass result.


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