Nurses and technology?

Quote - Can Never Wash Hands Enough 575x575 PNG copyAs nurses, we have seen the push and implementation of electronic charting and medication administration over the past several years. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are here to stay, but will it sacrifice the personal touch nurses have with their patients or the interaction between employers and employees/applicants?

As patient care providers, you are challenged with balancing your patient interactions and personal care as you migrate into the EMR world. The charting must be done and there is a lot to learn, but we all know you need to maintain that personal touch with your patients.

With any change, the success is based on how we choose to adapt. Well before EMR emerged, employers put on-line applications into practice. Today, most companies prefer to complete the entire application process via technology, especially in the Nurse Agency industry. Nurses PRN is no different and we have electronically automated almost every aspect of our business. We are constantly challenging ourselves on how we can improve our process for our nurses and clients, without sacrificing the personal touches and relationships. While we may be fully immersed into hiring and communicating electronically; we also find a balance in connecting with our applicants and employees on a more human/personal side of our daily work practice.

Our vision is building relationships one touch at a time.

How are you adapting your patient care with EMR requirements?  It can be easy to forget about our basic nursing practices when we are so overwhelmed with the technology and training. It is important to keep that interaction with your patients and families. There is a saying that perceptions are real to those who are perceiving. You may be doing your job and completing all of your duties, but did you stop and take the time to ensure your patient feels the same? Don’t forget your human/personal touch and your patients won’t either.

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