Nurses unite both human and veterinary

pet imageA recent article made me realise how divided the two professions are. How little our counterparts know about the Veterinary profession.

As Nurses we should unit together and have each others backs, which is what I want so please stay with me to the end of this article.

Someone made me realise how people had never heard of Veterinary Nurses/ Technicians, only Veterinary Assistance, much less know what we do! So I will educate you, I can only inform you from the UK, but I am sure my fellow oversees brothers and sisters will educate you in the comments.

We train on average for 3 years, working full time at a vets for free to gain a minimum of 2100 hours. Whilst there we must complete a nursing progress log with over 800 task to be signed off as competent. We have to complete a vigorous training program covering topics from anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, diagnostic imagine, anaesthesia and medical nursing to name are few, sitting both theory and practical exams. Oh the OSCESs (practice exam) the exam designed to wield out the week from the strong to ensure we our tough enough for the job!

Once registered we too have to abide by a code of conduct, pay registration fees, complete a minimum amount of CPD. We too face the being struck off!

Veterinary Nurses/ Technicians have a wide scope of knowledge and skills. As a profession we are Radiologists, Phlebotomist, Surgical Nurses, Medical Nurses, Wound Nurses, Paramedics, Anaesthetists, Dental Nurses, Nutritionists, Laboratory Technicians, Critical Care Nurses, Fracture Nurses, Ward Nurses, the Consultant Nurse to name a few.

Our title in the UK is not protected, so please use your passion to help us! We should unit to help each other get the credit we deserve and our titles not only protected but respected!

We are all Mighty Nurses both human and veterinary!

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