Nursing is worth more than money

Snip20150414_14Sometimes it seems like all signs are pointing to becoming a nurse. The pros say that the pay is great, the workplace is great and the job is secure.

In fact, one site claims this chart is the only reason you need to convince you to become a nurse. The chart points to the rather shaky fact that nurses can make up to $70,000 per year.

However, this is not exactly true, and it could be potentially bad advice for those looking into pursing nursing as a profession. Nursing isn’t all about the money, and not all nurses make that much in a year.

Maybe some nurses somewhere do, but the average nurse doesn’t make that. The chart is, therefore, very misleading.

Nursing Wages

First of all, we can’t be sure where this chart gets its information. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists the median wage for a registered nurse at $65,470 per year.

That means there are definitely nurses who make more than that, but many, many nurses make less than that. In fact, it seems that most entry level nurses make significantly less than that, depending on prior nursing experience and type of degree.

Wages are not enough to convince someone to go to nursing school. It is a job that is highly people oriented and based on taking care of others.

To make such a decision for this life changing opportunity on wages is irresponsible. You should look further into nursing to find out if it is for you.

Differences in Wages

Nursing wages differ for many reasons.

The region that a nurse is in is one factor that determines how much they are going to earn. One state may be inundated with nurses, but another state may be scrambling to fill their slots. It depends on how many nursing schools are in that state, how many nurses are retiring, and how many licensed nurses in that area are working the bedside.

Another reason is experience. More experienced nurses are likely to draw a higher wage, and this can skew even the BLS estimates of how much money a registered nurse can make.

The truth is that you can’t be sure you’ll make $70,000, especially right out of nursing school. In fact, the possibility is rather unlikely and depends on numerous factors.

What is Nursing Worth?

Nursing is very difficult work, especially at the bedside. Some people try it and find they simply can’t take it.

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize this until they’ve already become nurses, and then they are scrambling to find something to do with their degree, usually taking a cut in pay.

Quite simply, though, what nurses are paid is not nearly worth the amount of work and stress that they are put through. For this reason, a nurse needs a passion for the job to keep them going when the going gets tough.

Merely deciding to go to nursing school based on wages is likely to end in tears. If you want a high paying job, you can find something other than nursing.

If you care about people, are ready for a tremendous amount of stress, and passionately want to deal with all that nursing entails, only then should you decide to take this road.

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