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schoolI thought I would never get into Nursing school.

Everyone told me it would take years, I got average grades, and I only applied to four schools!

I got in because I did what my dad told me “Apply to Cal State L.A. or else I won’t pay for school.” Easy enough.

I dragged my feet because that was the last place I wanted to go.

He wanted me to apply because it was his Alma mater and an excellent commuter school.

I was heartbroken as I was rejected from the three schools I wanted.

I was waiting to hear back from CSULA, but was gravely discouraged.

The letter came in the mail. It was a small envelope, perfect for a rejection letter.

I opened it and was perplexed when I read that not only was I accepted, but they wanted me to start in early spring, instead of Fall.

This meant that I could drop my Organic Chem. class and start nursing school six months earlier then I hoped.

Yes! Good thing I listened to my dad.

There is no perfect equation to getting into Nursing school

This is what I recommend based on my experience and my sister’s current experience with applications:

1. Get Good Grades in your pre-reqs –  First, check with your school counselor to see what classes you need in order to apply and do what it takes!  Make your professor brownies or whatever treat they like, excel and be a rock star in those classes!

2. Ace the Teas test – Most schools in California now require the Teas test as a pre-req to getting in. It can be compared to the GRE for grad school, but much, much easier. Buy the study guide at ATI’s website and get an 80% at the minimum to be competitive.

3. Volunteer at a hospital –  Show these schools that you have some experience in a hospital setting with patients! There are several different volunteer opportunities in various different hospitals!  Sign-up, volunteer regularly, and submit your total hours when you apply, even if they don’t ask for it.  Can’t hurt!

4. Take a foreign language class – Take a Spanish class at your local JC or current school and show evidence of proficiency in that language. More applications are asking for this, and it’s a very desirable trait to have when applying for jobs someday.

5. Apply to any and all available options within your budget – The more you apply, the more likely you are to get in!  Even if it’s a school you don’t really care for, apply anyway so you have options.  My sister is applying to nine California State Universities and I have full confidence that she will get in somewhere.

To read more from Nurse Frugal make sure to check our her blog.

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