Private nursing school an advantage?

Finding a nursing school can be a challenge. Sometimes, you have a choice of where you attend, but sometimes, you really don’t.

With the competition to get into nursing schools, you may be lucky to choose between a private or a public school. In addition, you may only have one or the other near you.

Either way, there are some advantages and disadvantages to either type of school. It is important to consider them, but you should realize that you may not have a choice.

What to do? Go in with eye wide open. If you are stuck with a private school for your nurse education, know what you are in for.

Advantages of a private nursing school

Private nursing schools, by their very definition, are more intimate. You will likely have smaller classes and more one on one attention.

These are school that are very “user friendly,” and you will likely feel like you are part of a family if you go here. It is a great atmosphere, and this can really help the learning process.

Unfortunately, these schools are often very expensive, and they are likely for profit. If they are for profit, that means that they want to get students into the programs regardless if they are a good fit.

While it is true that not all for profit school are this unscrupulous, some of them are, so buyer beware. If you want to go to a private school for the small classes, just make sure the school has impeccable credentials in the local nursing community.

Advantages of a public nursing school

Public nursing schools are local colleges and universities. They can provide comprehensive training in various levels of nursing. Depending on the type of nursing you are pursing, they can be reasonably priced.

They are also likely to be intimately connected with local facilities to give you the best clinical experiences possible. This is not a detail that should be easily dismissed.

The problem with public schools is that there are often a considerable amount of students, and you may feel like just a number. Class sizes are usually large, especially in the basic classes, and it may be difficult for the novice student.

That said public schools do have advisors, but they may be overwhelmed. Public schools may require a bit of self-starting to successfully navigate the curriculum.

Making the call

Whichever you choose, nursing school will be challenging. Will public or private really make that big a difference? Probably not.

The choice will likely be predicated on your money situation, what is close to your house, and the school you are able to get into. Keep in mind, though, that each type has pros and cons so that you can navigate them no matter where you end up.

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