Quick Fixes for a Nurse’s Sore Feet

Stories - Mighty ShoesJust about every nurse has had a run in with sore feet. Whether it is from a particularly rough shift or from ill-fitting shoes, sore feet are a common theme with nurses.

Although seeing a podiatrist is your best bet, you may need relief now. It may take a while to see a doctor and the treatment may take some time to help you out.

Perhaps you don’t have the time, either, and that is not a great excuse for nixing the podiatrist. No matter what your reason, you may need a foot quick fix from time to time, and here is a short list of some of the measures you can take.

New Shoes

Sometimes, you just wear out your shoes. Like the parts on a car, you can wear them out easily just by putting the mileage on them.

New shoes can solve the problem if you are merely footsore, but they aren’t likely to help if you have something serious such as plantar fasciitis. However, a new pair of shoes may be just what you need to ease the pain.

Everyone has their favorite shoe manufacturer, and you should try many different shoes to help you determine the best for you. If you know that you have flat feet or a high arch, get shoes that are specifically engineered for these problems.

Shoes wear out quickly, and they can lose the support they are giving you. Treat yourself to a new pair, and you may find yourself walking on clouds.


Inserts can be tricky, so you should choose one with care. Ideally, a podiatrist should recommend which insert, or orthotic, to use for your foot type.

If you need help in a hurry, though, you can get inserts of your own from the pharmacy department of your favorite big box store. A nice, cushy insert can help with the soreness you are feeling.

Again, knowing your foot type will help with the selection of something other than a cushioned insert. If you have high arches or flat feet, you need to know that when getting an insert.

Those machines that test your feet are helpful to a point… you can get some sort of reading on your type of foot from one. However, it should be noted that they are often not very accurate and not nearly as helpful as having a real doctor look at your feet.


You don’t have time for a podiatrist, new shoes, or inserts. You still have hope, though.

Soaking your feet in warm water can be very relaxing at the end of the day and help to soothe the overworked muscles of your feet. If you can swing it, you should get a foot massager that will really work those muscles deeply.

Along these lines, you can also use Epsom salts in the warm water to help ease your muscles. Although there isn’t a ton of science to back it up, many feel that the use of the dissolved granules can make your feet feel better.

Although these methods on their own are helpful, using them together is even more beneficial. You can easily get these implements at your local store and help your sore feet while waiting for your podiatrist appointment.

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