RN career advancement | Keeping the magic alive!

Nursing career advancement | Keeping the magic alive!

Mighty Nurse and WGU want to help make you an even Mightier Nurse! You don’t just stop advancing as a nurse once you’ve achieved your RN. The nursing industry is filled with all sorts of career options to take you and your stethoscope to the next level! Mighty Nurse has partnered with WGU to help you choose your next nursing move.

WGU’s Nursing Career Guide

WGU has partnered with CareerBuilder to bring you this career-oriented magazine for healthcare professionals. Packed with the most relevant and up-to-date information on the job market, you’ll find articles about the career path of a nurse, today’s top healthcare jobs, and a diagnosis on the medical industry.

WGU RN Career Guide

Job Stories

Mighty Nurse frequently releases exclusive stories pertaining to career topics in nursing. Explore the titles below individually or visit the Job Stories Page.

Selections from the series:


Discussion Forums

The Ask A Nurse Forums provide RNs an opportunity to explore and discuss career related topics with their fellow nurses.

Topics of interest:


Nurse Videos

Advice, humor, perspectives and more. Go to the main video page, or check out the How to master ABG’s video below.

Video - How to master ABG’s


Quote - Not Just A Career

State to state nursing

State To State Nursing 1
State To State Nursing 2

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