Striptease therapy

Stories - Wheelchair GuyThe East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center recently found itself in an ethical quagmire.

Unlike most nursing homes, they don’t just entertain their residents by facilitating bingo or by providing a milieu conducive to reminiscing about a foregone age.

Instead, they provide therapeutic striptease, a therapy seldom used by clinicians today.

The Dispute: East Neck vs. Bernice and Ray Youngblood

The nursing facility and rehabilitation center does not dispute the striptease; after all, we do have an undisputed picture of an 86-year-old lady lining the whitey tighties of a male stripper with $1.00 bills.

But the nursing facility denies any wrongdoing, claiming that a 12 member resident committee wanted the stripper and agreed to pay him $250.00 for his services.  According to East Neck, they just facilitated “the will of the people.”

“There is nothing inappropriate about it.  These are adults,” Howard Fensterman said, the lawyer for East Neck.

However, Ray Youngblood – the son of Bernice Youngblood – disagrees and is suing the facility for $10,000,000 in punitive damages after finding a picture of his mother flooding the stripper’s briefs with cold-hard-cash.  He is suing because his mother – who has dementia – was allegedly forced by nursing staff to tip the stripper and that his mother was “humiliated and degraded” in the process.

My Analysis

I’m not a lawyer, but if a group of 12 adults chooses to hire a male stripper, they choose to hire a male stripper.  I can’t speak for the mental competency of Ms. Youngblood, but she was in a room full of women photographed putting $1.00 bills in some stud-muffin’s undershorts.

I don’t believe – I just don’t – that nursing staff forced her to tip him anything.

If Ray Youngblood is so concerned about the humiliation and degradation of his 86-year-old demented mother, it doesn’t make much sense to me for him releasing a photograph of her with a stripper unless he has an alternative motive.

I know most of us don’t want to see our elderly parents grinding on a stripper, but they’re adults.

And if she does have dementia, how can we decipher fact from fiction, especially in a case spearheaded by righteous condemnation and a raging son.

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