“But, I’m just a student…”


As I entered my first semester of nursing school, it was intimidating working side by side with the masterful nurses that were my instructors and preceptors.

It was hard to believe that I, a wide-eyed student, could even dream of walking in patient’s room and calmly and gracefully perform this job in a way that the patient would never forget.

Then I was assigned “Lily” who as it turned out was active enough to leave people less than half her age, including myself in the dust.

Naturally, her mindset did not parallel what the hospital had to offer following a major surgery.

She was up ambulating so much that the other nurses joked that she was the one taking me for walks.

Despite all the conversations and walks, she still seemed a little…bored.

Through one of our many talks, I remembered that she had said that one of her passions was crocheting.

When she had first said it I didn’t think much of it. But then I called over to the recreational therapy department and asked if they had any crocheting needles and some yarn.

By some miracle they did and I brought it to her.

The smile and subsequent hugs that she gave me when I walked into her room with the needles and yarn in hand taught me some important lessons that I’ll take with me the rest of my career.

First, the power of small gestures can never be overstated and secondly, just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t touch a patient’s life.

This was the first of many moments in my nursing education that confirmed that this was indeed my calling.

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