Student of their illness

money-bag Today’s health care consumer must become a student of their illness.

Rising cost of coverage co-pays and out of network deductibles have consumers looking around for a better deal, rather than the one stop shopping out society has become accustomed to via employer compensation packages.

Consumers can now “warehouse shop” for insurance benefits to fit their needs from the various name brand underwriters.

Demographics and heredity have consumers gambling on which services will be needed in their lifetime and omitting some such as vision and dental while in their twenties, and picking that coverage back up when employment offers a more affordable plan.

Consumers dictate what services vendors offer

Hospital systems track ER visits and admissions and call the consumer or send product offers via direct mail based on the admission diagnosis.

It’s the same as tracking devices on websites viewers visit on the World Wide Web, email inbox’s begin to fill up with spam offers.

Using computer technology consumers can become experts in various comorbidities.

Well known websites offer webinars on diseases processes and prevention of exacerbation.

“There is no such entity as free health care.”

Consumers can also take part in community health fairs.

Health care delivery systems are now in CVS pharmacies and other emergent care centers offering care when primary care is not accessible.

Government involvement has proven beneficial to some consumers, while costing other consumers larger co-pays and fees, making health care less affordable.

There is no such entity as free health care. As a low or no income consumer, someone is paying the cost for that healthcare.

Taxpayers cover the cost, as well as small businesses being forced to offer healthcare benefits.

Many businesses are not using full time employees, but part time instead so as not to have to offer health benefits.

The United States does not want to be seen as having a work force that can’t afford to buy healthcare benefits.

What is the answer? I wish I knew.

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