Tattoo, the power to heal

mighty-nurse-tattooThe Tattoo is an expressive piece of art form.

The tattoo expresses our individual spirit; conveys our purpose and that purpose is created on the canvas of our being…usually for life.

When we decide to get a tattoo, we should look to an image or symbol that calls to us. One that has layered meaning; more than just skin deep.

When we look for a tattoo image, we are usually drawn either consciously or subconsciously like a universal beacon, waiting for us to see the light.

As we intuitively pick the tattoo that resonates with us, it allows us the refection we need to dig deep into the core of the meaning; spiritual or personal. This tattoo will eventually tell a story, becoming an important expression and reflection of our inner truth.

The grace and simplicity of the image can be beautiful, but we need to acknowledge the transformative power this tattoo can have internally.

Meditating and reflecting upon this image can bring profound spiritual insight; for many it is a spiritual rite of passage for our new nursing job, new position, perhaps soothing the wounded-healer or acknowledging a profound life or work transition.

“They reflect the beauty and spirit of the nurse.”

Connecting to the image and meaning, deciding on the tattoo, will then allow us the endurance of pain as we focus on the purpose and intent; to manifest this sacred badge of honor…the tattoo, for all to see.

When the image reflects our individual passion and calling, then, and only then we blend and stir into the colors of ink, the commitment to heal; to replenish and restore the mind, body and spirit of others.

This is where the power of a tattoo begins. A transformative circle, healing others with our gift, heals our own spirit.

In my next installment post, I will go into detail about the two most popular images used for tattoos in the medical profession; the Rod of Asclepius and the Caduceus.

Although these images represent our profession, they also have deep symbol meaning that can jump-start a care-giving heart with compassion and purpose.

So, while you’re waiting for my next post called Tattoo, the healing powers of the Caduceus, go check out the awesome tattoos posted on this site. They reflect the beauty and spirit of the nurse.

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